#SelfCareSunday: Eryn Krouse

Eryn Krouse is the ultimate beach babe hailing from Southern California. When she's not traveling back to back, finishing up her degree at UCSB, or creating YouTube videos she's focusing on her self-care. We caught up with Eryn and asked her to share her ideal #SelfCareSunday with us!

Eryn Krouse

What are the 5 songs on repeat that make you feel most relaxed?

Under the Same Sun - Ben Howard
Bloodflood - alt-J
Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
After Rain - Dermot Kennedy
Lime Tree - Trevor Hall

Do you like to indulge alone or with others? If so, who are your ideal self-care partners in crime?

I love to indulge with my mom. We went on a girls’ trip to Bali earlier on in the year for a week of yoga, healthy food, and spa treatments!

Bali trip

Sometimes it’s (really, really) hard to disconnect and live in the moment. Do you make an extra effort during your “me time” to unplug & if so, how?

I like to limit time on my phone and computer by allowing myself a certain amount of time per day (usually less than an hour). I am way better at disconnecting when I’m traveling because wifi is typically scarce. It also helps me disconnect by going outside and enjoying nature, whether it’s going for a beach jog or a surf or going to the library to pick out some new books to read.


What’s your favorite part of your #SelfcareSunday regimen?

My favorite part of my #SelfcareSunday regimen is playing in the ocean and then taking a shower and a nap afterwards!

Bike riding

Since it’s all about treating yourself, are there any special meals, snacks, juices or drinks you like to make?

I love making some English Breakfast Tea with a little bit of sugar and almond milk. For food, I love making myself a papaya acai bowl - so fruity and delicious and makes me feel like I’m on vacation.

Eryn’s AM to PM #SelfcareSunday Routine

8am: Morning yoga class
9:15am: Shower: wash hair, exfoliate and shave skin
Put on a mask and my favorite Dr Roebucks skincare products
10am: Make and eat a healthy breakfast: either oatmeal with berries, avocado toast or an acai bowl
11-12pm: Stimulate my mind by reading a book or writing in my journal while drinking water with lemon slices
1pm: Hit the beach with my friends. Surf, lay out, snack, and repeat. My favorite beach snacks are orange slices, tortilla chips and salsa, and omusubis (Japanese rice balls).
6pm: Have an early dinner, shower again, clean out beach bag, de-sand everything
7pm: Ride my bike to the beach to hang up my hammock and watch the sunset
8-9pm: Watch my guilty pleasure show: Grey’s Anatomy or The Office while drinking some chamomile tea
9:30-10pm: Get ready for bed!

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