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Kayce Sebree hails from Austin, Texas and has been in NYC for two years. She runs digital and socials teams at VERB Hair - a selection of high quality, natural hair products. She also moonlights as a freelance producer and works with a Brooklyn based production company in her free time. She's a skincare junkie and loves traveling. She has lived in Thailand, Australia and Spain and as traveled to 35 different countries! She fosters puppies for an organization as her do-good volunteer work. She also loves to read tarot cards and host game nights at her apartment in Brooklyn.

We chatted with Kayce to get some of her go-to spots in Brooklyn. We'll definitely be checking all of these off our list next time we're in NYC.

Kayce Sebree

1. Me Day

If I'm feeling like I want to pamper myself and have a "me day" then I go to Great Jones Spa - you can spend the entire day there going between saunas, reading, and getting a massage.

2. Juice Up

I go to a random spot called "Juicebar, Organic Fruits" because it happens to be by my house in Bed Stuy. Simple place but super fresh juices that they make right in front of you - I love anything with greens, ginger or garlic (I think garlic is a cure all)

3. Caffeine Fix

It's so hard for me to pick a favorite coffee shop because I really love coffee, so I've tried so many! I'd have to say hands down best cup of coffee in Brooklyn is Seven Points Espresso in Crown Heights - they also have an amazing avo toast situation that I can't help but get every time. Runner up because it's the cutest coffee shop is Stonefruit Espresso in Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy - there's great coffee, strong wifi and a plant shop in the back (and a cool creative crowd). A quick browse through their insta feed and you'll understand why I love hanging out here.

4. Zone out

I read a lot of books in NYC (hello hour commute on the subway) so I have a couple favorite bookstores. Bluestockings in Lower East Side is by far the best - it's volunteer run, has amazing events and supports feminism, gender/queer openness, political and race studies. If I was to peruse for a couple hours, I go to McNally Jackson in Soho. The Strand is also fun because there's so many winding passages of books to explore. Last one because it's also amazing is Greenlight Bookstore in Clinton Hill - great selection.

Kayce Sebree

5. Good Hair Day

It may be because I work for a hair product company but I've got two different hair salons I go to depending on the service. For a cut, I love O&M in Chelsea - it's a cute setup, and they've got great products as well (from Australia too!) To get my hair colored I go to Shampoo Avenue B in the East Village. The stylist there, Raquel, is the best with blondes!

6. Let Loose

Y'all - I'm from Austin, self dubbed the "Live Music Capitol of the World" so I'm big into concerts. I've been to tons of venues but if I had to call out one I'd say Bowery Ballroom - it's a bit smaller/more intimate so no matter where you are in the room you feel close to the action.

7. Stay Active

I lived in Thailand for a year in 2014 and got really into yoga training there so since I've moved to the city I practice solo in my room (I have a rare gem in nyc - a large room). I'm big into spin class too but my favorite is just my neighborhood YMCA in Bed Stuy - I like the simplicity that everyone is there to just work out and it has a community feel to it - again nothing fancy.

8. Weekend Warrior

My favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in the city is to take a bike ride down the east side highway around the bottom of Manhattan and up the west side - It's a gorgeous ride, especially at sunset. Lunch in Central Park (when it's warm) is also pretty great. And a coffee in Washington Square Park feel so quintessentially New York that I really love hanging out there too.

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