Why Natural Beauts Swear By Down Under

Our best-selling Down Under Collagen Boosting Eye Treatment is causing babes all over Instagram to freak out, and we are loving it. Grab some tea, pull up a chair and read up on why Natural Beauts around the world can’t get enough of the Aussie-made eye crème.

Down Under

“I took this @drroebucks eye treatment with me to Cabo and it kept me looking like I got a full 8 hours of sleep when it was more like 4. Wonderful last minute purchase! I’m switching up my skincare routine to use non-toxic ingredients so this one is definitely a winner.”

- @iamsunnydee

“We‘re obsessed with the formula of this eye cream from Aussie brand @drroebucks (cleverly named “Down Under” ). Its texture brings immediate elasticity and buoyancy to the skin in the eye area, and a little goes a long way so this small jar will last you ages. We use this for AM and PM, a dab under concealer will help your under-eyes look more naturally bright and less like you’ve slapped some makeup on to hide your dark circles ”

- @the__things

“This is a really nice, hydrating eye cream. It’s quite thick in texture. I love the ingredients (caffeine in eye cream is ).” - @devsday

“Do your eyes a favor and try this. I am OBSESSED with this formula. It’s hydrating, firming and layers under makeup too easily. I can’t get enough!” - @kmsahli

Tempted? You should be.

Down Under

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